Love it: all natural, all good Miri Skincare Balm

I love multi-use beauty products, and am always on the hunt for the ultimate multitasker - an all-round, sure-fire, totally natural fixer upper, that throws together the world’s best pure plant ingredients to soothe, soften and condition all skin types, everywhere. I have a few faves in my arsenal, but one that I’ve recently been playing with - and love - comes from Aotearoa’s own Miri Skincare.
New Zealand made, Miri Skincare Balm is a natural alternative to many of the petroleum-filled salves out there, instead harnessing powerful, naturally available ingredients to soothe and nourish the skin. The company was founded by Paul Jarvis when he discovered his wife and her friends were using a popular Australian multi-use balm – that shall remain nameless! – known to contain petrochemicals proven to be unsafe for prolonged use. Knowing the myriad of remarkable natural ingredients native to New Zealand and the South Pacific, Paul began formulating an alternative product that was just as useful and effective across a range of common skin issues and conditions such as eczema.
The end result is a little multitasking beauty that nourishes hands and nails, conditions lips and softens and smoothes elbows, knees and dry, cracked heels. It even works as a super smooth massage oil, an intensive moisturiser for harsh environments, looks after baby, and will even tame the tips of flyaway hair.
Miri, Māori for ‘to rub, smear or soothe’, encapsulates what this balm is all about. Made using Kiwifruit seed oil and Manuka honey, the secret to the balm’s effectiveness lies in the unique combination of New Zealand and South Pacific ingredients that are well known for their beneficial properties. Kiwifruit seed oil is rich in essential fatty acids with a high concentration of Alpha-Linoleic Acid, otherwise known as Omega 3. The seed oil works to add needed moisture to the skin, naturally preventing dryness and cracking. Manuka honey then increases the effectiveness of the formula, with its well documented healing and soothing properties. The balm’s all natural makeup means that it is best stored below 25 degrees and shaken before each use, which really, is NBD.
The perfect size for your handbag, baby bag, carry on bag and to have on hand in the kitchen, Miri Skincare Balm is joyfully made without chemical fillers, preservatives, perfumes or dyes. It goes without saying that it’s also minus DEA-regulated ingredients, dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde, parabens, PEG compounds, siloxanes, SLS or triclosan. Love that.
Last but by no means least, it is also super affordable at RRP$12.99 for a 25ml tube of goodness from leading pharmacies nationwide. 


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