Fragrance Friday: ECOYA Cedarwood & Leather

Everything that home fragrance house and bodycare brand ECOYA do is absolutely flawless in my opinion - from killer scents to beautiful events and gorgeous and surprising imagery, they seriously hit the nail on the head. Every time.
They are also always updating and refreshing what they do - which I equally love - in the form of delicious limited edition scents and gifting ideas, and now they have unveiled a whole new look for fans of the brand.
Back in August the Australasian fragrance house rolled out the new look, which is elegant, contemporary and inspired by its environment. After 13 years doing amazing, beautiful things in the marketplace it was due for a refresh, and she looks just gorgeous!
Alongside the rollout of new packaging the brand also released three new fragrances to the ECOYA collection: Spiced Ginger & Musk, Blue Cypress and Amber and my favourite, Cedarwood & Leather. The latter is a totally new direction for the brand, a seriously moody and sexy scent that I cannot get enough of. 
The brand describes Cedarwood & Leather as being “a gentle touch of vetiver and bergamot drifting over a warm mix of leather, clove and cedarwood,” creating a deep, enveloping fragrance. It is exactly that, and although I’ve only thus far experienced it in a diffuser form, I am guessing that as a candle it would be even more heady.
They also now offer an ECOYA wick trimmer for keeping your candles in tip top shape, ensuring a cleaner burn and zero mushrooming. I love that. Essential for every candle fan and a steal at just $19.95, I reckon it’s the best stocking stuffer I’ve heard of thus far in the lead up to Christmas.


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