All about: Manuka Doctor’s Drops of Crystal Cashmere Touch Serum

Just a whisper the word “cashmere” sends me into swoon mode – it is one of my absolute favourite fibres to wear, as evidenced by my cashmere-heavy wardrobe and sagging bank balance! It just screams luxury, cocooning and care, and when I heard there was a skincare release with “cashmere” in the name I had to find out more.
Called – wait for it - Drops of Crystal Cashmere Touch Serum, it is the luxurious second step in the rather sublime Drops of Crystal range (above) from award-winning skincare name Manuka Doctor. Incredibly light and soft on the skin, the lightweight serum is actually pretty damn grunty, and works to “re-sculpt” the facial contours and revitalise the complexion. It is formulated using botanically derived, quick acting, firming actives that work together to help plump and smooth the skin so imperfections, fine lines and wrinkles appear reduced almost immediately. It also contains a special oil-in-serum composition that boosts the elasticity of the skin and helps it to appear rejuvenated. 
The Cashmere Touch Serum’s key, hardworking ingredients are:
Purified Bee Venom – nature’s own wonder skin ingredient that is proven to encourage natural collagen formation and visibly increase the skins elasticity.
Cassia Augusifolia Seeds - botanicical firming actives that hydrate, smooth and plump skin. 
Crystal Tears – a pretty name for an oil taken from the resinous sap of the Pistacia Lentiscus tree. Once solidified, these drops take on a crystal shape. These ‘tears’ slow down ageing and makes skin feel firmer, plumped and lifts facial contours.
Tomato Stem Cells – to help protect against ageing by reducing oxidative damage and the degradation of DNA. It helps to brighten skin and increase luminosity.

The combination of all these powerful ingredients make it quite the super serum, and clinical results are already showing what its creators hoped for like:
* Trial participants found that after just one application the skin feels firmer and more revitalised
* It was proven to reduce wrinkle depth, increase skin firmness and elasticity in 28 days
* 97 per cent of trial participants experienced a reduction in wrinkles in 28 days as well as increased firmness and elasticity
* Trial participants found that in 28 days their facial contours appeared more defined, their skin felt firmer and their complexions looking younger.
Pretty amazing, huh? You apply Cashmere Touch Serum preferably after the brand’s Beautifying Bi-Phase Oil, morning and night. 
Manuka Doctor products are available online or at the Manuka Doctor concept store, 1 Quay Street, Auckland City, selected pharmacies, Farmers stores and department stores nationwide. For more information or to locate your nearest stockist visit or phone (09) 300-3025 


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