Love it: Trilogy Age-Proof Active Enzyme Cleansing Cream

Call me crazy (many have), but one of my favourite parts of any facial is the cleansing process, which I could happily lie and have done to me all day! I’m incredibly fussy when it comes to cleansers for home use as well, and really like to take my time giving my skin a good massage and then compressing and wiping with a fresh muslin cloth.
With all of the above in mind, it takes a lot for a cleanser to really impress me, but one I’ve just started using really has!
It’s the a newly repackaged release from all natural New Zealand skincare stars Trilogy, and is called Age-Proof Active Enzyme Cleansing Cream. It is a unique blend of active fruit enzymes and pure plant oils that gives you a nice mix of luxury and efficacy. “Cleansing your skin is one of the most important parts of a beauty routine. It preps your skin for all other treatments,” Trilogy in-house beauty expert Corinne Morley advises, and I couldn’t agree more.
Repackaged in a larger, 200ml frosted grey pump bottle for ease of use, the silky, mousse-like formulation gently re-texturises and renews the complexion, polishing away the build-up of skin-dulling impurities to reveal smooth, refined skin with a youthful radiant glow.  It’s the perfect cleanser choice for me at the end of the day, when I want to remove everything from my skin that the previous twelve or so hours has thrown at it.
Active fruit enzymes in the form of papain from papaya and bromelain from pineapple are in there to help to regenerate the skin without exfoliating viable cells. Papain and bromelain break down and loosen dry, damaged or older cells from the skin’s surface, revealing brighter skin whilst going easy on what lies beneath. Bromelain also helps promote elasticity and reduces inflammation for a smoother, more even skin tone.
Licorice and mulberry help with brightening, while jojoba esters smooth and reinforce the epidermis.  Vitamin E, a vital component for healthy skin, is also included to nourish  and help fight free radical damage. This cleanser is basically a nice balance between thorough cleansing and gentle daily exfoliating action, and leaves the skin perfectly prepared for maximum absorption of serums and creams.
Certified natural under the internationally recognised NATRUE standard, Trilogy Age-Proof Active Enzyme Cleansing Cream is listed in Fauna & Flora International’s Good Scrub Guide.  The guide was launched to help skincare buyers identify products that use safe, natural alternatives to plastic microbeads, which are a significant contributor to microplastic pollution in our oceans.
Trilogy Age-Proof Active Enzyme Cleansing Cream (200ml) is available right now, RRP $47.90 


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