Beauty news: OFF Wax adds Laser to the lineup

You know how sometimes a place becomes so familiar to you that you forget how great it is? That is how I got with OFF Wax/Brow Bar, where I have often headed over the years for a bikini wax and a brow shape. They are a specialist waxing destination as opposed to a beauty therapy business – think no white coats, no whale music, no water features – and women all over Auckland love them all the more for their dedication to the task at hand. Experts at their three Auckland destinations tailor your waxing treatment and/or brow work specifically to you, and take into account anything you may have going on in your life – say pregnancy, stress – and treat you accordingly. They also stock a huge range of aftercare products and brow and lash kits etc, and are more than happy to show you the ropes and make sure that you’re taking care of things in the best possible way.
The creator of OFF, the preternaturally fabulous Nicky Shore, over a year ago expanded her business with the ON Browhouse brand - a beautiful inner city destination in Auckland’s Britomart specialising solely in bespoke browography services. Nicky spotted a gap in the market for long-lasting brows that didn’t involve the frightening looking cosmetic tattooing many out there were offering, and catering for clients who are in need of personalised eyebrow rejuvenation. She researched the globe for the best and most innovative ideas on brows so that ON offers a collection of techniques, hand selected from the best methods out there. From colour and tone to balance, proportion and shape, to problem solving and correction work, ON Browhouse has a proven modern solution for brows that can now last the long term.
Fast forward to November 2015, and Nicky has now unveiled OFF Wax & Laser - bringing an exclusive laser service to Auckland in partnership with Candela, a global leader in advanced aesthetic solutions. Taking more than a year to develop, OFF Wax & Laser now provides high-tech laser hair removal at all three of its Auckland locations.
 “By focusing on the best energy-based solution purely for hair removal, it has been easy for us to address the most important areas for our clients – effectiveness, safety and eliminating the ‘ouch’ factor,” says Nicky. “In an unregulated market it can be hard for clients to make educated decisions on the best offering for them. Laser is the best option specifically for hair removal but unfortunately there is a lot of confusion and misconceptions surrounding energy-based hair removal. IPL and VPL and are not categorically the same as Laser, despite what some beauty providers will claim.
“We feel a responsibility to not only deliver the best solution, but also to educate clients to make the best choice for them and their specific needs.”
Nicky says the machine is the first of its kind in New Zealand and provides the most effective, fast and safe service for all skin types. “For the first time we have the ability to treat all skin types with one machine, something that was not possible before.  The dual platform of the Candela Gentle Max Pro means we can switch from lighter to darker skin tones safely at the touch of a button. 
“The results are second to none.  This is the Rolls Royce of laser hair removal,” says Shore.  “We were never going to just dabble in this and have committed to the very best.  The difference in power, results and client comfort between this and other machines is phenomenal.
“Thanks to the patented Dynamic Cooling Device™ which sprays cryogen cooling gas on to the skin before the laser, the service is now virtually painless for most, with the majority saying it is far less painful than waxing,” she says.
The second critical element to success is ensuring all OFF laser technicians have the true clinical understanding of the hair removal process.  All OFF Laser specialists are certified Level 3 Advanced Laser Hair Removal Technicians - the highest standards possible in New Zealand – and are certified to the Queensland regulations in Australia (the only state in  Australia have regulations). Each branch has its own laser safety officer, inhouse laser trainer and local Candela consultant.
Additionally, OFF has partnered with NZ LASER TRAINING – the leading impartial body in NZ laser safety, training and education – to ensure the highest standards and ongoing training and upskilling of staff throughout its branches.
I tried laser on my bikini line and legs several years ago and had fair-to-middling results, so I for one am dead keen to check out what Nicky and her clever team are up to!


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