All about: co-washing, and Pureology Cleansing Conditioners

So, it's time we talked co-washing and cleansing conditioners. Chances are you've probably heard of them at one point or another, as they've gained mass popularity internationally over the past couple of years but have yet to really break through in the local market. What started as a process mainly embraced by those with curly or textured hair is expanding to a wider range of strand types, and the first that I know of has just hit New Zealand.
But what is a cleansing conditioner, exactly? Well, it's not a shampoo, but not yet a conditioner. Confused? Let me simplify matters for you… It's made for cleansing (obviously), just like shampoo, but without the harsh sulfates, detergents, or chemicals typically found in one. It's formulated in a way that leaves the hair and scalp feeling clean, but not stripped, and with an added moisturising element. Co-washing – or conditioning washing – is haircare using these delicate wonders, preventing colour fade and not stripping hair of its natural oils. Love that!
The first v ersion that I know of to hit our shores is from Pureology, who has delivered its first co-washing collection designed to fight hair aggravations while preserving colour vibrancy.
Pureology Cleansing Conditioners provides 25 per cent cleansing and 75 per cent conditioning in three gentle cleansing treatments for sensitive colour-treated hair. Each combines a low-lather gentle cleansing base with rich conditioning ingredients, meaning they are perfect for dry, fragile and coarse colour-treated hair.
The Pureology Cleansing Condition collection gently cleanses as it softens the hair, improves elasticity and helps preserve colour vibrancy in three targeted formulas:
Hydrate – for dry colour-treated hair, infused with rosemary extract to deeply nourish and soften hair
Strength Cure – for micro-scarred or damaged colour treated hair with Asta-Repair™, which fortifies and restores hair fibre
Smooth Perfection – for frizz-prone colour treated hair, infused with Camellia Oil to smooth and control frizz
I think these will be an absolute godsend over the holiday period in particular, making weekend getaway bags lighter and treating sun-faded summer hair with utmost respect. If you’re a Pureology fan like me you’ll know how awesome these will be, and if you’re yet to check the brand out, then I highly recommended a trip to the world of co-washing as a great place to start.


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