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I don’t have curly hair myself, but know many women who do and they are always battling with it. Whether they are straightening it (usually verrrry temporarily), trying to dry it, tame it or just diminish the frizz, it seems super high maintenance but always looks beautiful.
These friends are alsoalways on the hunt for the next curl-containing product too, and one that I have recommended to a few with amazing results is Kevin.Murphy’s new KILLER.CURLS.
KILLER.CURLS is essentially a leave-in anti-frizz crème designed to provide curl definition and style, and uses new technology to pair weightless ingredients with the ideal balance of strong hold and elasticity. The product’s styling properties activate curls while adding moisture and eliminating frizz, for a natural look and feel.
So what are these awesome ingredients? First up, natural Brazilian Carnuba Wax was chosen for its superior holding properties under high heat and in humid environments, and has the added benefit of creating a glossy sheen finish. Six Australian fruit extracts were then chosen for their ability to thrive in harsh climatic conditions help to hydrate the hair and scalp. Yerba Mate, containing Vitamins A, C, E, B1, and B2, is also in there to strengthen hair follicles and adds lustre and shine to the hair.
“Traditionally, strong hold curl products provide a stiff look and feel, leaving hair dull and flat. Products touting a more flexible hold typically are low-performance or provide a weak hold,” explains Kevin.Murphy stylist and founder Kevin Murphy. “With this information in mind, we set out to create a new curl product for women looking to embrace their natural texture. Killer.Curls defines curls while smoothing and strengthening hair. Plant extracts and oils benefit both the hair and scalp, adding hydration, improving elasticity, and encouraging hair regeneration.”
To use it, just apply to damp or towel-dried hair and scrunch to activate curl. Too easy! It’s also paraben and other nasty free, like all of Murphy’s brilliant products.
Kevin.Murphy KILLER.CURLS is available right now, RRP NZD $70.00


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