Love it: Xen Tan Transform Luxe Daily Self-Tan

Elle UK said of Xen Tan’s Transform Luxe: “it is one of the easiest gradual tanners to apply - it won't streak and it smells remarkably good too,” which is no faint praise. We they right? You bet, and I have fallen totally head over heels for the product.
I am a huge fan of gradual tanners for ease of use and their buildable qualities, and this baby delivers the warmest, most beautiful holiday glow I have seen in a while.  The luxurious lotion goes on clear and develops into a wonderfully natural-looking tan after just a couple of applications too – and boy they last and last.
As well as a gradual tanner it’s an ideal ‘tan extender’ that can be used in between tanning with any of Xen-Tan’s other professional products, which I haven’t tried as yet but am gagging to now.
It is a great transitional product from winter to spring, and it’s packed with nourishing moisturisers for skin that's deeply hydrated after being bundled up in woollens for the last few months. It’s suitable for all skin types for those who prefer to build their tan gradually, and the fact that it’s refreshingly Paraben free means that it is ideal for face and body use. Bonus!
Last up, as with so many of their products it comes with a wonderful scent of fresh vanilla – not the ‘wet dog’ smell that so many faux glow products come part and parcel with.
To use just apply in a circular motion, blending evenly onto your skin. Wash your hands after application with soap and water and wait three hours before showering or swimming…. Et voila! Great, glowy skin.


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