Hair how To: Sara Donaldson of Harper and Harley’s signature wave

One of the most impeccably groomed Southern Hemisphere blogstars must be brunette beauty Sara Donaldson from Harper and Harley, whose take on monochromatics has many a reader enthralled on a daily basis.
As well as a sweet take on the perfectly put together outfit for pretty much every occasion, she has fabulous hair – which for once took centre stage on Fashion Bloggers TV, a new reality TV show now showing on E!. Sara recently demonstrated how she creates this go-to style on the show, and I bet the demo was just as eagerly lapped up as her regular flatlays.
The show’s official hair sponsor is ghd, and the always-awesome team there sent me some instructions on how to create the look at home using their stellar tools and products: 
1. Prep hair with ghd total volume foam and dry in with ghd aura professional hairdryer
2.  Section hair in half with clips and spritz with ghd curl hold spray
3. Using the ghd curve classic wave wand take small sections of hair and gently wrap the hair around the barrel, starting from the base towards the cool tip
4. Hold for 5-8 seconds then gently release the hair and leave to cool
5. Once the entire head is complete loosen curls by brushing hair with the ghd detangling comb for a shiny softer look
6. To finish, spray hair with ghd final shine spray 
And if you still haven’t got it nailed go a step further and check out Sara’s how-to video here or steps on her blog.


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