Love it: Sodashi's truly magical Crystalus Body Oil

I have been a huge fan of Sodashi’s beautiful body oils since the moment I discovered the perfectly natural skin and body brand many years ago. Everything that founder and key formulator Megan Larsen creates is immediately added to the list of my most-favourite-things-ever, and her latest release - Crystalus Body Oil - is on there… IN CAPS.
It is aimed to help us all “tap into the magic of Australian Bush Essentials Oils”, and is packed with the likes of sweetly lemony Fragrant Honey Myrtle - which clears the mind, and relieves stress and tension - and Fragonia to calm the body, and relieve emotional blockage (it’s also a wonder when used to treat jetlag, just the citrusy scent enough is a wonderful wake up call).
An essential oil is the ‘life force’ of a plant - a pure plant extract, if you will - and essential oils are 70 times more powerful than the plant from which they come. This makes them super potent and effective, and the aforementioned two are blended with super-softening plant oils like Sweet Almond Oil and Apricot Kernel Oil in Crystalus for one very perfect mix. It has been my go to when it’s time to address dried out summer skin, and I am imagining will be perfect during winter too for the same soothing properties.
I think it’s perfect to use at night to relieve deep physical tension and quieten the mind and body, and is best applied to slightly damp skin following shower or bath. It’s also ideal for body massage as it “assists the release of deep muscle tension and relaxes the mind”, so if you’re lucky enough to have a handy masseuse or two available then pass a bottle to them ASAP as well!
You can buy this beauty online or check for stockists at


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