All about: The Nimue fight against redness and pigmentation

All year round the skin is at war with redness and pigmentation, and even those skin types that seem normal for months on end can fall victim to environmental aggressors at any time. It’s a huge concern for pretty much every woman over 25 that I know, and with global warming and increasingly stressful lives it can only get worse… apologies for the bad news, but there are some amazing brands out there offering killer solutions, NIMUE being one of them.
The key to addressing both issues is to soothe, repair and strengthen over time, and NIMUE has developed several high performance solutions suiting all skin types. Their approach is to prevent excess melanin production by inhibiting the enzyme tyrosinase. This begins by protecting the skin from harmful elements such as UV-radiation, then controlling and reducing damage caused by free radicals. Last but not least, it works to maintain an environment that promotes overall skin health.
NIMUE Day Fader is a daily use moisturiser that includes a pigment-regulating formula to aid with both fading of the skin and free-radical protection. Its complementary night moisturizer is Night Fader, which has the same pigment-regulating ingredients along with essential anti-ageing and hydration properties. For more extreme cases, Night Fader Plus is also available - a multi-active night preparation to treat advanced stages of hyperpigmentation, in addition to delivering anti-ageing and hydration properties. 
When it comes to redness and inflammation, Reduct Derma Balm is the brand’s anti-redness treatment for delicate skin that has been affected by erythema, couperose, rosacea or telangiectasia. Applied sparingly to cleansed skin it works to reduce the appearance of skin redness and soothes, as well as preventing damage to the skin structure and restoring its invaluable hydrolipid film. Magic!
They also have specialty products that address both problems at once in the form of Melano Fade Mask (above), an active treatment mask for hyperpigmented and environmentally damaged skin that has skin brightening and moisturising properties, and Maintenance Complex, a multi-performing skin rejuvenation booster treatment packed with active ingredients that deliver a multitude of benefits for all skin types.
Too easy - when you know how!


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