Travel essential: Kate Somerville Somerville360° Tanning Towelettes

When I was first introduced to Kate Somerville Somerville360° Tanning Towelettes it was the launch of the legendary LA-based beauty brand into the Australian and New Zealand market, courtesy of the so-great-it-slays-me-every-visit Mecca Cosmetica.
If you’re unfamiliary with the brand, here’s a quick rundown. The creator and director of her own renowned medi-skin clinic on Melrose in Los Angeles, Kate Somerville has devoted her life to creating flawless faces. In fact, she is personally responsible for the glowing complexions of hundreds of leading ladies, whose livelihoods depend on their looks. When it comes to a clear complexion and a gorgeous glow, stars like Jessica Alba, Katherine Heigl, Selma Blair, and Debra Messing depend on Kate’s clever hands and killer products. She was one of the first paramedical aestheticians in the business, partnering early on with top dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons. This is where her authenticity lies, as well as her unique understanding of skin and how best to heal and protect it.
Every product in her range began life in her clinic, and was tried and tested for months on end as well as often growing out of client need rather than to fit a marketing calendar. A perfect example of this is her Somerville360° Body Self Tanning Towelettes - the topic of this very post - which contain a paraben-free self-tanning formula to give you a quick and even application with no streaking. She formulated these after years of despairing over client Paris Hilton’s shockingly fake looking spray tans, and the Hollywood princess was all the better for it!
Incredibly easy to use and perfect for travel as they come individually sealed - no need to stress about bottles or tubes busting out en route - each Somerville360° Tanning Towelette is concentrated with a self-tanning formula to give you a quick and even application with no streaking. They give a superbly natural-looking glow within two to four hours, and for a deeper tan and to maintain your glow, reapply as needed. I admit to loving the sun and tanning a little with care, but these babies boost what I already have and give a totally sunkissed glow.
As well as being Paraben free as aforementioned, they are also minus Sulfates, Synthetic Dyes, Petrochemicals, Phthalates, GMOs and Triclosan - getting major bonus points from me.
To use, unfold the towelette and apply to dry, clean skin in a circular motion over your face and body, being sure to wash hands immediately that you’re done. Et voilà! Tan-tastic perfection.


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