Love it: Smashbox Cosmetics Photo Op Eye Brightening Mascara

One of my favourite beauty products to test is mascara - the end results always vary greatly, and its the source of instant gratification when you’ve lucked onto a good one.
The latest I’ve been using is by Smashbox Cosmetics, and it does for my eyes what asking for a blue-black as opposed to black shade achieves when I’m having my lashes tinted - a totally bright-eyed, ready for anything-type look. As in, the perfect answer when you’re not feeling so bushy tailed at all, but by god you’d never guess it!
Called Photo Op Eye Brightening Mascara, it’s a dual-benefit mascara that has been developed with what the LA-based beauty brand calls “a unique Blue Prism Technology” - a blend of Luscious Micas, Bright Titanium and Blue Pigment. These subtle blue undertones makes it more than just another shade of black, helping to accentuate eyes and make them appear brighter. As an added bonus, it also instantly curls lashes by 100 per cent to completely open up the eyes for a wide-awake look.
The clever formula comes with a unique hollow-fibre brush that deposits the maximum amount of product on each individual lash, ensuring even distribution for a dramatic 30-degree curling effect. That is some serious lash - and that’s coming from someone who is always in search of exactly that.
It’s a no-rub, no-smudge formula that has been created to combat clumping, flaking, smudging and spiking, as well as with the ability to repair broken bonds within lashes and restores suppleness, so lashes stay naturally longer. Pretty amazing all round really, and definitely a mascara that gives instant gratification and then some. Love it!


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