Daily delight: Guinot’s Time Logic Age Serum

Sitting in a hotel in the South of France, it’s appropriate that my topic du jour is the newest release from a highly respected French brand, Guinot. Time Logic Age Serum is Guinot’s new luxury night treatment, which not only smoothes the skin and evens out the complexion, but also tones facial contours by stimulating cellular renewal. Trialed by me right now, it’s the serum of choice for those who are serious about anti ageing, and aren’t afraid to pay for the privilege. Beauty fact-wise, Time Logic Age Serum stimulates metabolic energy for a remarkable 24-hours. This wonder-serum has a double-action benefit: it repairs by night and protects by day, so you can sleep tight and wake up feeling fresh and radiant. During the night, active ingredients penetrate the skin more thoroughly, increasing both the skin’s collagen and elastic fibre density. By day, this rich serum acts as a protective shield against external aggressors, such as harmful UV’s and pollution. Essentially, it rejuvenates at night for beauty all day long. Key active ingredients that go into this clever little baby include Actinergie, which supplies oxygen to the cell, and encapsulated ATP or adenosine triphosphate. This clever number slowly releases energy into older cells over 24 hours.
Okay, so how do you use this wonder serum? After cleansing, apply it in the evening over your entire face and neck. Massage it well into your face using light movements until it has completely penetrated the skin, and lastly, apply your preferred night moisturizer, which in my case is Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate. With an RRP of NZD$385.00, Time Logic Age Serum ain’t no cheap steal, but Guinot is a name you can trust with your skin’s health no questions asked, so if you have the money then I suggest you do invest.


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