Friday, September 3, 2010

Spending time with Shiseido's Ken Matsuda

Shiseido make up maestro extraordinaire Ken Matsuda began his career in Tokyo, taking his talents to Sydney in 1999. Since then, his career as a freelance makeup artist has gone from strength to strength, and this year he’ll be travelling to New Zealand Fashion Week to head the Shiseido team as Artistic Makeup Director for the WORLD show. I had a chat to him about his illustrious career, favourite products and what we’ll be seeing on the runway at WORLD.

You began your career in Tokyo and you now work in Australia. What is the main difference between the kinds of make up asked for in Tokyo and Sydney?
In general, Japanese women uses makeup to ‘balance out’ features and prefer a more natural make up finish. In Tokyo, there is an obsession with lashes, and women are always on the lookout for the latest and greatest mascara.
Women in Sydney wear makeup to feel sexy and gorgeous. They are not afraid to be different and try the latest make up trends and wear more dramatic looks.

You have worked with Kanye West and Dita Von Teese, how on earth did that come about?
I worked with Kanye for a concert at the Sydney Opera House. And met Dita Von Teese at a charity event. I was very lucky to have had those opportunities.

Is doing celebrity make up very different to what you would do for a woman on the street?
Basically I tackle both with the same mindset, which is to make every woman feel and look more beautiful. I always do my best to make a woman feel more beautiful after she leaves my makeup chair. With celebrity make up, it is usually for an event or a show, so it is more time consuming, with more details to consider like prepping the skin to ensure foundation stays on well under harsh studio lighting, or if we are shooting on location. Whatever makeup look I am creating, I always use Shiseido’s Refining Make up Primer under foundation.

Do you have a signature make up style – like a dramatic eye, lashes, contouring?
I enjoy creating soft and natural makeup with natural shades. Since having a play with Shiseido’s new eyeshadow trios, I have recently enjoyed creating more dramatic makeup with these bold, beautiful colours. Contouring is something that I try to teach every woman I come across. It is used to balance out facial features and to emphasise or downplay features. It is a makeup artist’s secret weapon that is so easy to create if you understand the principles. Use highlighters to emphasise features, a darker, more matte shade to downplay features.

This year at NZFW you’ll be working with WORLD, have you worked with them before?
It is the first time I am working on a WORLD show. I am really looking forward to it as WORLD is known both in NZ and Sydney for their bold collections.

They have a super theatrical style, does that fit with your own make up aesthetic?
The WORLD show is about the theatre, it is all about uplifting and inspiring the audience. The make up will match this theatrical style perfectly.

What are some make up trends that you think we’ll see on the catwalk at the WORLD show?
The makeup will be used to frame the picture, in this case, the picture will be the beautiful collection. The models will all have a beautiful flawless finish, almost mannequin-like. Skin is very sculptured, lashings of colours in unexpected ways. The most dramatic part of the look will be the eyes.

What are your essential three products for working backstage or on set this season?
Shiseido’s Luminizing Eye Shadow Trios, there are seven beautiful palettes that we will be utilizing for the show.
Shiseido’s Automatic Fine Eyeliner a quick easy way to create a dramatic eye look.
And the Shiseido Perfect Mascara Defining Volume, I think we will be going through many tubes of these backstage!
All three products will be the staple items in every woman’s makeup kit this season.

What Shiseido product should no woman be without?
Shiseido’s Perfect Mascara Defining Volume & Nourishing Mascara Base.

What do you think make a woman truly beautiful?
Beautiful skin, beautiful makeup, beautiful smile.

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  1. Looking forward to his event exclusively at David Jones Brisbane City on 23, 24, 25 June =) My love for Shiseido just grows each day.