Summer's coming... and so is Summer Tan

As a beauty fanatic, you know summer is on its way when the self tanning products start rolling across your desk, and new ones are always exciting. What you really want is a summery-looking tan (a la Rosie, above), and the latest offering to hit our shores is called quite simply, Summer Tan. New to New Zealand, Summer Tan is Australia’s leading sunless tanning range, and a rather impressive one at that. Their formulas are quad action (a unique combination of instant bronzers and DHA), and create a natural, healthy, sun-kissed glow that can last up to five days on most skin types. They have variety of tanning products on offer, so you can choose what you need depending on your preferred mode of application, and your skill set:
Summer Tan Lotion is available in Light or Dark and is designed to be used all over the body for a very natural looking tan. A super easy to use, almost sheer lotion, it lets you build to your desired colour, applying as often as you like until you reach your perfect shade. Daily application will then maintain your tan.
Light and fluffy in texture, the Summer Tan Mousse has a ‘light as air’ application feel to it and is extremely quick drying. It glides effortlessly over large areas and gives an instant medium tan effect, and doesn’t smell half bad either.
Summer Tan Aerosol gives you a spray tan in a can and is also designed to be layered up until you’re as tan as you want to be, whilst the
Summer Tan Extender can be used with any of the tanning products to intensify or extend the life of your tan, whilst nourishing and toning your skin.
If you just want a tan for the day or a night out, go for Summer Tan Bronzing Lotion, which creates a beautiful, golden tan instantly and washes off with soap and water.
And we all know that a great fake bake is all in the preparation, so they have kindly included Summer Tan Body Polish in their range, which has been developed with instant tanning use in mind. The walnut shell exfoliant removes dead skin cells so you’re ready for a tan application, and has a beautiful lemon lime fragrance.
All of the Summer Tan products come with very appealing prices attached too, so if you’re in the market for a new self tanner as you start to bare this Spring, give them a whirl.


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