Daily delight: maybe it's Maybelline

I’m a sucker for a good mascara, and because I don’t wear make up often, I like one that performs and makes my lashes look super sized when I do. I’m usually a slave to the likes of M.A.C’s Pro Lash and Smashbox’s Lash DNA, but just recently I’ve been wooed by a much less expensive beast... That’ll be some of the key players in Maybelline New York’s revamped XXL Pro line, which is inspired by makeup artists’ routines and tricks. These are a bunch of easy two step mascaras that deliver some truly serious lashes, the results of which you get to choose depending on formulation: volume, curl, intensity or length. The XXL Pro range is also available in a variety of shades and in waterproof versions. The first, XXL Pro Volume, intensifies lashes for up to six times the volume and 40 per cent longer lashes, which is no mean feat. XXL Pro 24Hr Bold delivers extreme volume – up to eleven times the normal volume of your lashes, while XXL Pro Curl curves lashes for 12 hours while delivering a 45° curl. My favourite so far though must be the super glam XXL Pro Extensions, which makes your lashes look up to 85 per cent longer while still feeling very touchable and not at all stiff or sticky. This stuff has totally won me over, and at less than 25 bucks will possibly win me over time and time again. Nice work, Maybelline!


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