Daily delight: La Prairie Cellular Lip Renewal Concentrate

A skincare brand known for its groundbreaking – and often pricey – products, La Prairie is often at the forefront of research into new scientific innovations for those that worship at its sleek silver altar. It also prides itself on highly active products targeting very specific concerns, and carries the mantle of “the Rolls Royce of skincare brands” very well. One of their many skincare subsets is the Swiss Specialists range, which functions much as a hospital’s Intensive Care department would for your skin. These are La Prairie’s “care givers”, treatments aimed at relieving dryness and dullness caused by stress, fatigue, exposure to sun and environmental pollutants – and yep, age. They moisturize and nourish, producing what they say are immediate results in the form of firmer, smoother, younger-looking skin. A product from the range that I’m trialling right now is the Cellular Lip Renewal Concentrate, a total retexturising treatment that helps re-plump and rejuvenate your lips. It gently exfoliates, moisturises and conditions the delicate skin, while providing protection. It includes an advanced Triple Restore Complex, which helps to reduce oxidation damage, rebuilds the lips’ moisture barrier and stimulatea the production of collagen and elastin. All sounds pretty good to me! The multi-faceted concentrate not only restores cumulative damage but also revives the lips’ natural colour (which I’ve found fades with age), plumpness and vitality. Apply a small amount to your lips morning and evening and watch it do its magic. Oh, and if you’re getting ready to apply a face full of slap, allow it to dry before applying your lip colour or things can get a little messy... in the most fabulous way, of course!


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