Daily delight: rather remarkable After Ink

Okay so it’s not strictly a beauty product, but for those of you like me that have a few tattoos, After Ink is an absolute godsend. This nifty product was developed from a desire to provide the tattoo market with a totally home grown and natural alternative to the after care products already available. First step was formulating a simple and effective product, free of petroleum and other nasties that can harm the skin or body as the tattoo heals. When it came to formulation, the guys at After Ink looked for only the best natural and organic ingredients from around the world, starting with a base of Colombian palm oil, well known for its high vitamin E content. With more anti-oxidants than green tea, it helps new tattoos to heal, and breathes new life into older tattoos as an added bonus. Palm oil is a controversial product as much of the world's supply, grown in Indonesia and Malaysia, is resulting in mass deforestation and loss of habitat for Orangutans (one of my fave animals!). However, the clever folk at After Ink used only sustainably sourced organic palm oil from a farm in Colombia that has been growing organic palm trees as a native crop for centuries in their product. Add an easy-to-use, easy-to-transport recyclable tube and you’ve got a winner.
If you’ve got ink you need this product, so rub some on ASAP and your friendly neighbourhood tattooist will thank you for it!
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