Daily delight: my silky soft beauty essential!

Whenever I get asked what is the one beauty product I can’t do without, people often have a bloody good giggle at the answer. Next to a decent sunblock I always name my silk pillowcase, which has honestly changed the state of my hair tenfold. Mine is by New Zealand company Peace Pillows – purveyors of posture-friendly pillows designed by practising Osteopath and Acupuncturist Elaine Bennett – and was gifted to me in a goodie bag at a launch for dermal fillers. Ordinary cotton pillowcases – no matter how high the thread count - can create friction and drag, essentially dealing to the hair as well as the delicate skin on the face. Over time this contributes to the formation of wrinkles and tired looking skin, as well as aggravated, damaged hair. The Peace Silk Satin Pillow case, made of 100 per cent silk, allows the skin to glide across its surface, thus avoiding dragging. And for those of us who cherish our rapidly thinning hair or need to nurture dry, brittle or curly, static hair, the Silk Satin Pillow cover reduces the dragging on the hair and follicles. Your hair glides easily over the silky surface, preventing a bad case of the tangles when you wake up in the morning. It has also contributed to the quality and the longevity of my Keratin smoothing treatment, stopping any kinks during the initial 72 hour-long processing time. So giggle you might, but I’m all for championing the silky cause!


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