Daily delight: WORLD Beauty's cachet of classics for Christmas...

If you live in Auckland City and have got more of a leaning towards the classics when it comes to fragrance, the WORLD Beauty store is one of the best stockists I've found of the tried and true legends of the perfume world. On the shelves of its two branches – Ponsonby and Vulcan Lane - you'll find YSL's Paris, Joy by Jean Patou, First by Van Cleef & Arpels, Cartier Must, 4711 and even the first Boucheron fragrance - the first ever fragrance created by a couture house. They also have an exclusive on three Robert Piguet fragrances - Cravache, Fracas and Bandit. The most famous of the three, Fracas was launched in Paris in 1948 and has been a cult smash among the hoi polloi for decades. Dubbed "one of the five fragrances that changed the world", Fracas is a necessity, to say the very least. This Christmas might be the time to go classic, or to gift the unforgettable.


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