Daily delight: in praise of Hissyfit...

I had my first proper weekend away in the sun this past few days – sad, I know – and grabbed the sunblock nearest to me when I left the house. This happened to be Hissyfit’s Body Double, and it’s wonderful smell reminded me immediately why I spent all of last Summer lathered head to toe in the stuff. A luxurious body lotion that pampers, protects and hydrates the skin, it is about as effective as it gets as well as doubling as one hell of a gorgeous body lotion. With pure botanical extracts of aloe vera and Australian daisy cehami, the silky smooth formulation provides long lasting hydration, while the high protection sunscreen guards against environmental damage and the effects on UVA/UVB rays.
That super duper fragrance is a subtle cocktail of vanilla, almond, orange and grapefruit, and makes you want to use it, as opposed to just knowing you have to. I’m also a fan of Hissyfit’s Handy Work, which is a luxe hand cream and SPF 30+ broad spectrum sun protection in one with soothing aloe and vitamin E. The fragrance this time around is orange & mint. Both products are proudly Australian made using the finest ingredients, including powerful botanical extracts such as the Australian indigenous daisy 'cehami' (centipedia cunninghamii). If you haven’t tried this range then I suggest you do with some haste – it looks like Summer is finally here to stay!


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