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A week or so ago I blogged an image of Amber Valletta from François Nars’ new book, 15X15, and now I have the low down of the who, what and which product was used to create each stunning portrait. The book celebrates the NARS brand’s15th anniversary and examines the use of makeup and icons in a way that is provocative, extending further than cosmetics, and using portraiture and photography to convey emotion. Each portrait is inspired by a NARS product shade and based on an iconic reference chosen by the man himself, who personally did the makeup and took care of the photography. Each participating celebrity subsequently took on the role of guest editor and creator, basing their shot on their own interpretation of the NARS product that inspired it, whilst lending their own insight into the age old question of what, indeed, is in a name.
The 15X15 book, along with individual portraits and the series of photographic interpretations taken by each celebrity, will appear in the 15X15 Online Gallery (, to be launched in the next few weeks. Profits from the project will be distributed among the 15 charities chosen by the participating celebrities. The line up is:

Dayle Haddon as Elizabeth Taylor wearing Butterfield 8 Lip Lacquer
Dayle Haddon was a top fashion model and icon in her own right in the 1970s, and appears in her portrait as the glamorous, cosmopolitan and promiscuous Elizabeth Taylor in Butterfield 8, a character that served as a dark portrait of Upper East Side sophistication. Dayle wears Butterfield 8 Lip Lacquer—a shiny, sexy, luscious, sheer chocolate brown.

Lisa Marie Smith as Futuristic wearing Pandora Duo Eyeshadow
Lisa Marie Smith is a model and actress who appeared in the film Mars Attacks!, where she first met François, who did the makeup on-set (who knew?). In her shot she wears Pandora Duo Eyeshadow, a richly-pigmented contrast, like Pandora herself, of white shimmer and matte black hues that evokes the future fetchingly.

Amber Valletta as Catherine Deneuve wearing Belle de Jour Lipstick
Supermodel Amber appears as legendary French model and actress Catherine Deneuve in her most iconic role as a housewife turned prostitute in 1967’s Belle de Jour. She wears Belle de Jour Lipstick, a demure sheer beige. “I really wanted to use Belle de Jour—it’s one of my favorite shades and perfect for this fun, young interpretation of Catherine Deneuve,” says François.

Daphne Guinness in modern Edwardian wearing Night Breed Single Eyeshadow
Daphne Guinness is a style icon and front row fixture who appears in modern, glittering metallic Edwardian clothing, hat, and a mixture of Erickson Beamon and her own jewelry. “This look is so Daphne—very sultry, very sexy, very evening—so daring. Daphne can pull anything off—she’s such an inspiration,” says François. She wears the Night Breed Single Eyeshadow, a black with silver glitter hue that can be worn sheer or layered as it is here—perfect for creating a little drama.

Marc Jacobs as China Machado wearing Dovima Nail Polish
American fashion designer Marc Jacobs knows a thing or two about icons. He is as famous for his unusual and ingenious choice of models and collaborative partnerships as he is for his designs. He appears as 1960s supermodel China Machado in a photograph taken by legendary photographer Richard Avedon, who has always been an inspiration to François. “China is wearing bright red polish in her 1959 photo, so I wanted Marc to do the same—plus he’s always up for anything,” says François. Marc wears Dovima Nail Polish, named for one of Avedon’s favorite models—a very modern, very sophisticated bold tomato red.

Naomi Campbell as an Iconic Supermodel wearing Taj Mahal Blush
Tempestuous Naomi is the epitome of glamour in an Olivier Theyskens designed dress for Nina Ricci, and Taj Mahal Blush, a burnt orange with shimmer. “Naomi is one of the most iconic symbols of beauty today, and I wanted to use a makeup color that would show this by name and by hue. It’s a bright shade, but sheer, so it looks very natural and yet, ultra-glam—just like her,” says François.

Shalom Harlow in Galliano Couture wearing Jolie Poupée Duo Eyeshadow
Supermodel and actress Shalom is wearing Jolie Poupée Duo Eyeshadow (meaning pretty doll), a richly-pigmented pairing of vibrant violet and pearlescent purple, which can be worn sheer, or built-up for a more dramatic effect.

Amanda Lepore as the Amanda Lepore doll wearing Jungle Red Lipstick
Transsexual icon and muse Amanda Lepore is so notorious that a doll was created in her likeness. François designed the makeup for this doll, and it was sold to raise money for the Design Industry Foundation to Fight Aids (DIFFA). “Amanda is so sexy, so overt, so bold, but she’s also very sincere, which is why she is so admired,” says François. Amanda wears Jungle Red Lipstick a highly-pigmented, full-bodied, bright red with a velvety finish.

Carla Gugino in 1940s Glamour wearing Cruella Velvet Matte Lip Pencil
Entourage star Carla Gugino appears as a glamorous, yet very modern, 1940s movie star who is ready for her close-up. “Carla has the most perfect eyes for this look—they’re incredibly light and bright, so they go well with the porcelain skin and dark makeup. It’s very sophisticated,” says François. Carla wears Cruella Velvet Matte Lip Pencil, a supremely scarlet red.

Isabella Rossellini in Junya Watanabe wearing Misfit Duo Eyeshadow
Isabella Rossellini is an icon so renowned that an entire exhibit was devoted to her image when Portrait of a Woman was shown at Musee d’Art Moderne in Paris. Her portrait references her most recent project, Green Porno, a series of short films written, directed and featuring Isabella, which examine the sex life of bugs. She is cocooned beautifully in a jacket by Junya Watanabe, and wears Misfit Duo Eyeshadow in Ecru and Emerald, a richly pigmented pair that can be worn sheer or layered, wet or dry.

Tyson Ballou as a warrior wearing Monoï Body Glow II
Texan-born model Tyson appears as a Greek Spartan warrior in a headdress by Gareth Pugh. He wears Monoï Body Glow II, a pure extract of coconut oil for glowing, healthy, fragrant skin—it is the ultimate multi-purpose product.

François Vincentelli as Cary Grant wearing Malaysia Multiple Bronzer
François Vincentelli is an actor well known throughout France for his role on the popular television series, Clara Sheller. In his portrait he wears Malaysia Multiple Bronzer, a medium to dark formula with red undertones for sun-kissed, radiant, healthy skin—perfect for his tanned, Corsican complexion.

Olivier Theyskens as Olivier Theyskens wearing Lovejoy Blush
Olivier Theyskens has design directed at the helm of the fashion houses Rochas and Nina Ricci and is a major name to be reckoned with when it comes to red carpet style. “Olivier has a really strong personal style and attitude—he’s so Parisian and I just wanted him to come through as himself, not anyone else. Olivier is his own inspiration,” says François. Olivier wears his own jacket and Lovejoy Blush, a shimmering bronzed rose with transparent pigments and a hint of color that’s soft, sheer, and imparts a natural, healthy glow.

Natasha Poly in Punk Rock wearing Rated R Duo Eyeshadow
Natasha’s look is inspired by her appearance in the Fall 2009 Marc Jacobs runway show (where she and François met), sporting a punk ensemble and attitude, with a nod to Stephen Sprouse’s uptown/punk/pop aesthetic. “I wanted her to look as if she could go from the shoot, straight to a club in the eighties and not have to change a thing,” says François. Natasha wears Rated R Duo Eyeshadow, a shocking chartreuse green and cobalt blue pairing with shimmer that can work as a shadow, a liner or on brows.

Jennifer Jason Leigh in old Hollywood wearing Black Moon Eyeliner Pencil
American actress Jennifer wears a dinner jacket and shirt by Maison Martin Margiela and hat by Rod Keenan in her portrait for a look that is right out of old Hollywood. “Jennifer and I both love this look. It comes from a time when people really dressed up every time they left the house—so tailored, but here, it’s still very feminine,” says François. On her eyes she wears Black Moon Eyeliner Pencil, a dense black hue with a creamy texture, ideal for precision definition, blending, and smudging.

The 15X15 book has a RRP of US$80.00, and all proceeds from the 15X15 project will be distributed among the celebrities’ chosen charities. It will be available for 30 days at from mid-November, and afterwards at


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