Craving right now: Nasomatto's China White

One of my favourite things to do when visiting the WORLD Beauty Store – dangerously situated just a few minutes’ walk from my house – is try a new scent, which inevitably becomes a new craving. I had that experience last week when I took a whiff of Nasomatto’s China White, from the range designed by Alessandro Gualtieri. The result of a “quest to reveal the strength of fragility, ” and following the concept of “overdosing” on the power of a scent, the deadly China White is unlike any other. Controversially named after the strain of heroin popular in the 1980s and with an opaque white ceramic top, this heady concoction stands out even amongst the other scents in the kooky and beautiful Nasomatto collection. Powdery and slightly floral, China White breathes with a strong and indefinable element that will leave you unsure exactly what you’re sensing. If you haven’t tried it yet, Nasomatto is a very Italian brand, creative and very unique – a range of strong perfumes with crazy ideas and a lot of references to forbidden "pleasures". There is also no olfactory description of any of the perfumes, which are usually very strong, opulent and almost brutal in their beauty. Go on and take a sniff – I dare you!


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