Daily delight: Stella Maxwell, make up by Margo Regan using M.A.C

One of New Zealand’s “most wanted” on the international runways right now, model Stella Maxwell popped back home to walk at Air New Zealand Fashion Week last month, as well as star in shoots for almost every mag in town. She was shot by Jackie Meiring for REMIX magazine, and one of the country’s hottest make up talents, hot Scot Margo Regan, worked her magic to create a look that highlighted the pale beauty’s best features to perfection. We asked her for a rundown on what she did to whip out such a luminous face…

1. Stella’s face was prepped as always with my own home made face mist, which is a mix of orange blossom water and rose water with my own blend of essential oils added. While her face was still damp I massaged in a mix of M.A.C Moisture Feed and Strobe Cream to really plump up the skin.

2. I like to groom the brows in place, curl lashes and apply loads of lip conditioner to start. Smith's Minted Rose is my fave for the lips but it has the dreaded petrolatum base, so I'm working on my own natural one at the moment. Watch this space!

3. Foundation du jour is a minimal amount of M.A.C Studio Sculpt.... I'm a fan of using as light a colour as I can get away with then sculpting with different shades of Mineralize powders.

4. For the eyes, I used my desert island product - M.A.C cream colour base in Fawntastic -with a light wash of Era satin eyeshadow to slightly set it in place. Hot Poppy Pencil was then mixed with orange Paintstick to contour the eye and used quite heavily on the lower lash line. I then blew out any hard lines and intensified the colour using Texture satin eyeshadow.

5. Lips were blocked out with M.A.C Lip Erase and then I applied Bare Canvas satin lipstick.

Fresh, luminous and bloody gorgeous.


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