Beauty destination: a chic new home for The Face Place

Whenever I have a question about a new appearance medicine innovation or skin health in general, one of the most trusted sources I reach out to is Dr Cat Stone (above). An absolute powerhouse businesswoman and the first New Zealand-based doctor to speak about injectables in the public arena, she has spent her life exploring the possibilities of Cosmedicine and is constantly ahead of the pack when it comes to new tricks, tech and trends. The industry pioneer is also a seriously fabulous person, always inspiring and one of the kindest people in the industry I’ve come across in my twenty plus years of writing about beauty.
Which brings me to the clinic she founded many years ago, The Face Place, which can definitely be dubbed New Zealand’s premiere medical spa and Cosmedicine facility. I originally visited The Face Place in its earliest incarnation in a chic space in Auckland’s Vulcan Lane, then followed when it shifted to Britomart and also, Takapuna. Now they have opened a brand new clinic on Quay Street in Downtown Auckland, a haven of tranquillity and skin health with views across to the water.

The transition from their bustling main street location in Britomart to a larger, elevated second-floor serene sanctuary takes their clients’ experience to new heights, and the new clinic boasts nine treatment rooms and a commitment to the sustainability journey that TFP has been on for some time. Eco-friendly elements are consciously integrated into the design, operations and cutting-edge treatments, aiming to minimise their ecological footprint while providing a calming and private environment for clients. “Moving from Britomart into the new, bigger clinic in Downtown Auckland is exciting for a plethora of reasons”, says Dr Cat, The Face Place Founder. With the expansion from six to nine spacious treatment rooms to minimise wait times and accommodate a broader range of appointment slots, a third receptionist has also been added to ensure customer service is paramount with prompt and attentive care. And to bring even more excitement, The Face Place is adding two new treatments to their regime that are at the fore-front of cosmetic and aesthetic medicine. “For me, it symbolises and significant evolution,” says Cat. “Our previous locations reflected the industry’s perception of Cosmetic Medicine at the time. Now, with Cosmetic Medicine widely recognised and utilised, it’s time to reflect our premium offering in a discreet, private and tranquil setting.”
The quietly luxurious, bespoke build incorporates natural renewable materials, soothing green hues, energy-efficient lighting and utilisation of natural lighting from the expansive views of Auckland Harbour. “We are proud to continue ‘go greener’ since our rebranding in October of 2023, with our new clinic space reflecting our commitment to sustainability even with the expansion and growth” Dr Cat explains. “Amongst new additions and treatments, we are continuing with our in-house recycling programme through Sustainable Salons, and provide ethical and innovative treatments”. Together, these elements weave a narrative of a clinic that not only rejuvenates and beautifies, but also conscientiously contributes to a more sustainable and harmonious world.

I’m heading to an official opening event for the Quay Street clinic next week, and am beyond excited to visit the elegant new space and see what Cat and the talented team unveil. When it comes to The Face Place, the future of treatments is NOW.

You can find the new clinic at Level 2, 152 Quay Street, Downtown Auckland, 1010, and head here to book.


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