Beauty news: introducing KAEĀ skincare

A brand I’ve been using for a few months now that has really come into its own in my routine during the colder months, I have fallen hard for the beautiful KAEĀ.
Inspired by Aotearoa’s uniquely beautiful landscape, KAEĀ offers up a range of powerful, performance-led botanical skincare, which the brand couples with an enduring commitment to conservation and biodiversity protection.
KAEĀ is the brainchild of Suzan Craig, a passionate eco-preneur and founder of Tahi, an award-winning nature sanctuary in Aotearoa’s far north. KAEĀ’s product formulations blend traditional plant wisdom together with Tahi’s award-winning, biodiversity-positive, UMF™ 15+ Mānuka honey, with the end result being a range of highly effective, clinically-proven bioactive products that treat the skin holistically for exceptional results.

When Tahi was founded by Suzan back in 2004, it was 780 acres of devastatingly depleted land. Now it’s a biodiverse and thriving nature sanctuary, and home to one of the only biodiversity-positive Mānuka honeys in the world. KAEĀ reinvests 100 percent of its profits back into the land through its award-winning conservation and community projects at Tahi, recovering wetlands and native ecosystems at a time when our planet needs it most.
“Our business is run by nature, for nature and we are committed to challenging ourselves and the industry to find more sustainable ways to bring consumers minimal products needed, in a way the planet can cope with,” says the inspirational founder, who worked alongside Danièle Ryman, a global authority on plant-powered beauty for over 50 years, to finesse each product in the range. “The most efficacious skincare combines truly amazing natural ingredients with the power of science, knowledge and sustainability expertise,” says Ryman, “and these products contain the best I could find.”

I love that the collection of just four powerful products has been created to be both minimal and multipurpose, making them ideal for travel and those that lean towards the ‘skinimalism’ trend. Made up of a Multi-Active Gel Balm cleanser, Multi-Omega Face Oil, Multi-nutrient Face Balm and Multi-essential SOS Balm, each are crafted in small batches and free-from added water to ensure the highest concentration of actives. The two that I’ve been playing with most lately are the nutrient rich cleanser which melts makeup literally before your eyes, and the SOS balm, which calms irritations, protects against bacteria and supports healing. I’m currently layering the latter on wind burned lips, and they are feeling better by the minute after an initial application just six or so hours ago.
It's safe to say that this clean beauty junkie has fallen hard for KAEĀ, and I think you will too. For more information or to purchase online, visit their website here.


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