Australia, you beauty! Ready to meet some true blue Aussie heroes?

Australia is as famous for its effortless beauty look as it is for the sun drenched beaches where you can see it in the wild, and the vast country is home to many skincare, wellness and makeup brands making serious waves of their own around the world.Dubbed A-Beauty, the Australian approach to beauty is all about celebrating stripped-back routines, natural ingredients, and homegrown heroes. Unlike the complex routines of Korea or France’s pharmaceutical-heavy daily rituals, A-Beauty is blissfully unfussy, hardworking and natural.

Beauty from within
Australians have long been early adopters of the inner beauty trend, and aware that what you put into the body affects how it looks from the outside. That means a healthy lifestyle, what you eat, even how you manage stress. It also means targeted inner beauty supplements like The Beauty Chef’s GLOW AGELESS, which has been specifically formulated for women aged 50 plus to transform skin, boost immunity, energy and overall wellbeing, and CLEANSE Inner Beauty Support,  a bio-fermented super greens powder designed to help support the body’s natural cleansing processes.

Sunscreen is everything
Australians really do seem to have gotten the message that taking care of your skin includes daily SPF, and see it as an essential element of any great skincare regimen. Aussie brands have also been responsible for some really sophisticated formulas, which have passed the country’s rigorous approval processes with flying colours.
Ultra Violette Queen Screen Luminising Sun Serum SPF 50+, is a broad- spectrum SPF in the body of an anti-ageing serum, while Airyday Clear As Day SPF50+ Dreamscreen, $55, is a clear formula that shields skin from harmful rays while bumping up hydration.

Award winners
Creating powerful skin solutions with affordable price tags, BOOST LAB took out four gongs at the Pure Beauty UK Awards, including a gold for its Brightening Serum, $34.95, a vitamin C-powered marvel with chamomile to soothe skin while it goes to work.
Created in the heart of Queensland, Roccoco Botanicals Ruby Crystal Cleanser, $92, was a winner of the Most Innovative Product award at the Allē Awards in New York, and is a luxurious formula with vital essential fatty acids to accelerate skin repair.

The effortless base
Australian beauty is synonymous with the ‘no-makeup makeup’ look, largely achieved via tinted moisturisers and nourishing bases.
Luk Beautifood’s Instant Glow Tinted Complexion Balm, $50, lends wonderfully soft coverage along with serious skincare benefits, including clinically-proven botanical wax esters that improve barrier function and replicate the skin lipid composition of a healthy 22-year-old.

Multiuse marvels
Also key to effortless beauty are multitasking products, in particular ones that can be thrown in the beach bag and applied on the go.
The winner of more than 50 major awards, Lanolips The Original 101 Ointment, is a hard-working and powerful balm that holds 400 percent of its weight in moisture, and if you like adding a little extra colour to your cheeks, MECCA MAX Off Duty Contour Stick, $20, makes contouring a breeze.

Glow getting
Australian beauties love the look of a tan – be it natural or a faux glow. The latter is most definitely the safe option, and the country is famous for its award-winning fake bake formulas that look just like the real thing.
SugarBaby’s Sun-Believable Golden Glow Instant Bronze Self Tanning Mousse, $33.99 is safe for sensitive skin and features skin smoothing ingredients, while Bondi Sands Pure Bronze Self Tanning Foaming Water Ultra Dark, $31, is TikTok famous for its ability to deliver a deep, natural-looking glow.


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