Beauty news: Dose & Co launches Beauty Blends

A while back now I first heard word of Dose & Co, a forward-thinking health and wellness supplement range by New Zealand-born, US-based naturopath and nutritionist, Libby Matthews (above). I was immediately intrigued and now I’ve tried some of their offering – totally in love and an absolute raving fan.
I first met Libby when she and her sister began the Julia & Libby brand, which became known around town for creating deliciously decadent recipes free of refined sugar, as well as often dairy free, gluten free and vegan. Libby herself has always been the ultimate picture of health and wellbeing, and clearly well qualified to do her own thing when the right time came about.
That ‘thing’ is the aforementioned Dose & Co, which began as a range of clean, sustainable probiotic protein powders and bio-available collagen powders that were designed with good health and great taste top of mind. Focused on improving health from the inside out, each product has been developed to improve gut health through nourishing, high quality ingredients free of fillers and artificial flavours – and the one I’ve been taking tastes pretty amazing too.
The range features two New Zealand ‘firsts’ – the first probiotic protein powder and first collagen creamer (specifically designed to be added to coffee).  These are formulated using only clean ingredients that have been sustainably sourced (an absolute must when it comes to collagen supplements), and what they come in has been just as carefully thought out. Alongside spending a huge amount of time sourcing sustainable and clean ingredients that taste great, Libby took the upmost care when considering the packaging, which is fully biodegradable - the carton, spoon, packaging (even using paper cellotape).  
In Libby’s words, “the range has been designed with simplicity in mind - the easier it is for you to adopt, the more likely you are to use it and the longer you’ll feel the benefits. Whether it’s the addition of the Collagen Creamer to your morning coffee, a scoop of the protein powder into your post workout smoothie or swapping out flour for protein powder in baking.”
So with all that in mind, I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard that Dose & Co was launching a new multi-tasking vitamin powder called Beauty Blends, which boasts high dose Vitamin B, C, probiotics and marine collagen. Luckily for me I got my hands on some not long afterwards, and I am seriously impressed. 
The perfect addition to your water over the summer months, the blends come in two flavours – Original, which is flavoured with cinnamon and Citrus, a lemon/lime flavour, which has been my refreshing go-to since it arrived. Developed in response to numerous requests from fans of the brand, Beauty Blends is Dose & Co’s first water-soluble and marine collagen product, formulated with taste at the forefront. Ever the perfectionist, Libby sought out the most pure and most premium form of marine collagen to avoid any fishy taste, and the anti-ageing ingredients have an added probiotic which means there are over one billion cultures in each serving. These probiotics help to support gut health, immunity, protein absorption, treat digestive conditions and repopulate the gut with good bacteria. Simply add three scoops to a glass of water and sip throughout the day – I guarantee you’ll love the taste!
A three-in-one vitamin powder that will suit people of all ages and life stages, it really is for anyone wanting to support and nourish their skin, hair and nails from the inside out. I particularly love that it does that with natural, clean, sustainably sourced ingredients formulated by qualified, holistic nutritionists, and that it is proudly made here in New Zealand. 
The whole Dose & Co range is available online at, with the new Beauty Blends coming with an RRP of $89.90 (350 grams or one month’s supply if taken as recommended).


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