Love it: Trilogy Vitamin C Energising Mist Toner

One of the best things to have on hand when you’re travelling somewhere warm - or lucky enough to actually BE somewhere warm - is a mist or toner. A good one can help top up moisture levels and protect the skin’s barrier, and they have definitely come a long way since the swipe of witch hazel I was introduced to many years ago.
A new one to my skincare arsenal comes via New Zealand skincare OGs, Trilogy. Created to support skin with a top up of complexion-brightening, all good vitamin C anytime and anywhere, the Vitamin C Energising Mist Toner is bursting with a zesty blend of powerfully natural ingredients. These include antioxidant-rich vitamin C to promote a glowing and even complexion, mandarin and tangerine oils to refresh and energise and ylang ylang oil to leave skin balanced and soothed. Needless to say, it smells incredible, and gives the spirits a bit of a boost after just one whiff.
Suitable for all skin types and also safe to use while pregnant, it can be spritzed anytime to hydrate, energise and boots the skin’s natural glow, or just when you need a little pick me up on a grey morning like today.
Some tips for using this multitasker straight from the Trilogy crew include:
* Create flawless coverage by spritzing on your foundation brush before you apply your base. It will help you buff it out without overloading the skin for a natural-looking complexion.
* Spritz over make-up to help it set and stay on longer. This also creates that gorgeous dewy and radiant glow even when you’re not feeling it!
* Keep in your handbag for an energising pick-me-up anywhere and anytime.
To use this wee gem, spray all over with the bottle held at least 30cm away from face. Allow mist to dry naturally and top up as required.The new Trilogy Vitamin C Energising Mist Toner is available now with an RRP of $30.99 (100ml), and if you’re looking for a little extra sunshine in your life then I highly recommend it!


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