Hair how to: Alice McCall at 2019 MBFWA using EIMI by Wella Professionals and ghd

This season marked a 15-year milestone for the Alice McCall brand, and the highly respected Australian designer created a show for 2019 MBFWA that referenced the heart of all that her iconic label embodies. 
The unashamedly pretty collection, called Cosmia, had all the flirt, drama and flair that one has come to expect from McCall, but with a super cool futuristic twist. There was the soft, feminine detailing like frills, feathers and fluted-sleeves that are so McCall, but also a bold use of metallics in the form of lustworthy cocktail dresses. 
The vibe of range had a definite nod towards the sixties, and Wella Professionals Guest Artist, Keiren Street created a hair look with a mod-style wink towards the sixties using full fringes and sectioned hair. “The Alice girl this year was a nod to the 60’s with a teddy girl vibe,” said Street. “She’s a cool girl and knows what she wants. A slight grunge vibe with the hair having a little sweaty edge.”
The look was lived-in without compromising on glamour; a sixties eye with a slept-in touch. The texture in the back channelled a playful sixties vibe, and the choppy fringe added a doll-like finish to the fresh, porcelain faces of the models.
To Get the Look using EIMI by Wella Professionals:
 1. Prep hair with EIMI Perfect Me from mid-length to ends, avoiding any product at the root to ensure the hair appears healthy and hydrated
2. Apply EIMI Body Crafter just below the crown (avoiding the root) to create 60’s inspired lift at the base
3. Use EIMI Perfect Setting from mid-lengths to ends (avoiding the root at all times) to create texture in the main bulk of the hair. Flat blow dry, over directing forwards on each side
4. Keep at it until the hair appears thick, dry and almost wig-like to create the ‘bedded’ effect at the crown.
5. Take vertical sections in the same pattern as the blow dry and tong. Over-direct down, staying away from the root, and prep each section with EIMI Mistify Me 
6. Section the front of the hair into a ‘fringe’ section. Part down the middle and create a small braid on either side to anchor the fringe hair piece (if adding).
7. Take a ghd platinum+ styler and straighten random pieces to create a ‘grungy’ look amongst previous the tong-wave sections
8. Whilst keeping the hair flat (using slide-clips) diffuse both the fringe and sides.
9. Finish the look with EIMI Glam Mist to add hydration and a finishing gloss.


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