Beauty news: L’Oréal Men Expert signs Adam Levine

Let’s hear it for the boys! This time it’s to congratulate Adam Levine, who has been named the new globl spokesperson for L’Oréal Men Expert’s Hydra Energetic range. Representing all facets of the modern man, few artists are as tireless as the multi-talented front man of Maroon 5, making him the perfect partner for the anti-fatigue range. 
A musician, actor and mentor with over 11.7 million Instagram followers, Levine is known for his irreverence and sense of humour as well as his grit and determination and between tours, family time, and The Voice he perfectly embodies the Men Expert man.  
“Adam Levine is one of the greatest musical artists in the world,” says L’Oréal’s Pierre-Emmanuel. “He’s an icon that reaches all generations as the lead singer of Maroon 5. The unlimited energy he brings to his performances and life makes him a powerful spokesperson that embodies our vision of the modern Men Expert man. We are delighted to welcome him to the brand.”
Levine gave the following interview upon the announcement of his role, which gives a little more insight into the man, his motivations and what to expect from the match made in heaven…
What was your first reaction when L’Oréal Men Expert asked you to become a spokesperson?
“I was excited. Everyone, everywhere, knows L’Oréal Paris – it’s an iconic brand. It’s an honour to represent this world-class skincare brand for men. Being a spokesperson means representing the brands values but also bringing my point of view. L’Oréal Paris is a brand committed to empowerment, excellence and self-worth, which I respect. I also admire the philanthropic work that Men Expert does for the fight against men’s cancer with The Movember Foundation. That’s a cause I can really get behind and it feels good to represent a brand that doesn’t stop at making great products – but is trying to also make a positive difference in the world.

Who is the Men Expert Man, according to you?
“I think he is a guy who is living his life 200%, like most of us. His life is full-on but he’s still got that healthy energized look going on, thanks to his easy skin regimen. He cares more about what he says and what he does than what he looks like, which is why he relies on expert products that take care of that for him.

What’s the secret to improving with age?
“Don’t take yourself seriously. Laugh at yourself a lot. Be grateful. And hydrate. For everything. Your skin, your body, your health.

What’s your morning routine?
“My routine needs to be easy and it needs to be fast because life is busy! I take a shower, cleanser on my face, a touch of moisturiser and let’s go.

What are your top L’Oréal Men Expert products?
“The Hydra Energetic range is perfect for me… they are easy products – and fast. They are all about giving skin an energy hit and feeling fresh. My hands down favourites are the 24h Anti-Fatigue Moisturiser and the cool-down of the Anti-Fatigue Icy Eye Roll-On to undo late nights and jetlag around my eyes. 

What is your inspiration in life?
“It’s two-fold… Making great music I’m proud of and that my fans will hopefully love too. And being the kind of person my family and friends are proud of.

What’s your greatest reward?
“It’s not my career, though I’m obviously proud of how far Maroon 5 has come as a band. When we started out, we were kids dreaming of global success and I know I’m blessed to have come on this journey with my best friends. What I’m most proud of is my family, my wife who is just the most awesome human being and our two daughters. The learning curve is steep but being a dad is the most fun, coolest reward a man can have.

How do you keep yourself in shape?
“Through the years, I have been into different activities. For a while, yoga was my thing. It takes what you have, moulds and sculpts it, in a more natural way than working out. It helped make me more agile, flexible and energetic that I was 20 years ago. Lately though, I’ve been into CrossFit and strength training. I like to shake things up. In addition, I think about what I eat. Health is 90% nutrition.

How do you have so much energy all the time?
“I do what I love. Music rocks my world and being wholly into that feeds my energy. I live for adrenalin and being on-stage. And off-stage, I have my family and friends to kick back with and enjoy life.

What are your upcoming projects?
“The Voice US Season 15 for the rest of 2018 and then some time off until, the end of February we fly to Australia to take the Red Pill Blues Tour International. Then we’re touring Asia and Europe, our last European date is Paris, June 11th. Then I’m back filming The Voice US Season 16 and working on a bunch of other projects I can’t tell you about yet!

You are vocal about LGBTQi rights and marriage equality, why is this important to you?
“Because it is right. Sexual preferences are our own business, involving no one else. Love is for everyone. End of story.

Why is it important to you to be actively involved in campaigns?
“As a public figure, I think you’ve sometimes got to try to use your platform to speak about important issues. As musician, we can do that through our music. That’s exactly what we aimed to do with the ‘Girls Like You’ video. We wanted to give a platform for some of the most inspirational women out there, to the messages they stand for and give a whole new level of meaning to that song.”


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