Love it: M.A.C Next to Nothing Face Colour

A tube of sexy, sheer, balmy perfection, M.A.C’s newest offering goes by the name Next to Nothing, and aims to feel exactly like that. M.A.C Pro Senior Artist, Kiekie Stanners says that the new base is not so much a foundation as “Face Colour”, and the formula is packed with nourishing ingredients and opalescent microspheres that bring out skin’s luminosity whether worn under makeup or alone. “It’s essentially a skin enhancing balm that has been designed to create the effect of a filter for the skin,” says the globetrotting artist. The finish is luminescent, balmy and dewy, with sheer coverage. “Your skin looks diffused and enhanced, and you can then opt to leave it as is with just a little powder, or in conjunction with a foundation to create additional dimension.”
It has been launched alongside the finely milled Next to Nothing Pressed Powder, which is also a lightweight formula for long lasting, high comfort wear, and two brushes designed with the new product offering in mind. “Its balmy, glowing effect gives your skin the look we all want,” says Stanners, “it is enhanced and diffused without being loaded with product. It’s instant gratification, really.”
Keri Blair, Global Senior Artist, M.A.C Cosmetics is also a raving fan of the new formulation and its powdery counterpart, and emphasised the different approach it needs when it comes to application. “With most M.A.C foundations, you can build them from a sheer to a medium to a full coverage if you stipple on or keep layering. With this product, it’s really important that you’re very directional about your application,” she says. It is best applied with a sponge or with one of the specialty brushes launched alongside the new formula. The biggest difference is that Next To Nothing Face Colour is not a traditional foundation; it’s truly a product that you use to either enhance existing skin texture, or use in conjunction with a foundation to create additional dimension. The accompanying powder gives it a slightly more velvety matte look, and is best reserved for “hot spots” where you have oil you want to control.
The technology behind how Next To Nothing is manufactured allows the properties to lay differently on the skin, while preserving that ever-elusive luminosity that we all desire. It does have oil control, but it still gives skin a glowing texture, so even someone with drier skin can still wear it very comfortably. It also doesn’t have an SPF, which makes it unique and wearable for a wide array of people, especially if their skin is sensitive to sunscreen. 
Since the formula is so sheer, you can use each shade on a wide range of skin tones. To get shade matched, I would recommend consulting your friendly local M.A.C artist – definitely the industry professional I see most often! – so you can get the best shade match for you and find out a little more about best practice application and the like.
So, in conclusion… Next to Nothing is basically the closest you'll ever get to an Instagram filter IRL, and I love it
Next to Nothing Face Colour is in store now, RRP$64.00


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