Christmas countdown: Giorgio Armani Si Le Parfum

One of my top picks for gifting when it comes to the one you love – or the want you want to love you – is fragrance, and that goes for both sexes. Yes it can be hard to align your purchase with someone’s signature scent wardrobe, but when you nail it by god you impress!
A recent fragrance release for women that I have fallen in love with of late is Si Le Parfum by Giorgio Armani, the newest incarnation of Giorgio Armani Parfums’ original Si, whichSi launched in 2013. In a very short time, the collection offered numerous new versions of the original edition, as well as limited flacons with the original juice, and the latest version is one of my most favourite yet. 
Its creators call it “sober yet luxurious”, and it is as elegant and classy as its spokesmodel, the ever-radiant style chameleon, Cate Blanchett. A truly modern Chypre Floral fragrance, the nose behind this beauty is Julie Masse, the woman also responsible for the ultra feminine Si Rose Signature. I think it has way more depth than that version of Si though, with top notes of bergamot and black currant to keep things earthed. The middle notes are jasmine, osmanthus and incense (which I love); whilst base notes are patchouli leaf, amber, vanilla and benzoin. Think: a nod to the legacy of traditional high perfumery, with more than a little sensuality thrown into its beautifully hidden depths.
I love the almost eighties feel of the Sì Le Parfum bottle, which the team behind it say is a tribute to “haute parfumerie” and its precious bottles from another time, while remaining steeped in pure modernity. The fragrance can be seen clearly through the bottle, and its soft, amber-y pink shade is just perfect all on its own. The cap looks like a drop of onyx encased in glass, giving it a retro vibe that connects the past with the future in a really rather perfect way. I for one think it would be a welcome addition to any bedside table.
Giorgio Armani Si Le Parfum is available now from selected pharmacies, Farmers and department stores, RRP $259 for 40ml. Beautiful, and just perfect for Christmas!


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