Love it: Therapie Roques O'Neil Joie Uplifting Bath Infusion

Therapie Roques O'Neil is a brand that was completely new to me before I was contacted earlier this year by New Zealand stockist Clemency Alice, but one I soon realised that I wanted to know more about.
After having a play online, I started to hear so many good things that I knew the range had to be something very special. When a Discover Me mini home spa-type kit arrived from the wonderful Clemency I couldn’t wait to get stuck in, and getting stuck in was what I most certainly did!
The range was developed by aromatherapist Michelle Roques O'Neil, who was voted one of the top ten aromatherapists in the world by Vogue. The range centres around helping us all to deal with our stress in today's hectic world by harnessing the magic of plants and minerals. When combined they become so much more than just the sum of their parts, transforming into aromatherapy elixirs that can calm, soothe and heal. The philosophy that underpins the brand clearly comes from over 25 years worth of experience that Roques O'Neil has as an aromatherapist, and when I tried her Therapie Himalayan Detox Salts for the first time I was blown away.
The most recent addition to the Therapie line-up is the Joie Uplifting Bath Infusion, which unlike the salts is a powdered bath soak and you just need a small handful to fill the bath. The blurb that accompanies it says “we all need a little Joie these days...  this blissful aromatherapeutic infusion offers a valuable lift when your feeling a little flat and down in the dumps, wafting a bit of aromatic fairy dust to lift your spirits whilst indulging your body in a lush combination of traditional powders that tone, soften and protect.” All sounds pretty good to me, and this little jar of goodness doesn’t disappoint!
It doesn't leave any kind of colour in the bath but fills the room with a similar scent to the salts. The Frankincense soothes stress and eases anxiety, the Himalayan Cedarwood is to quell nervous tension, the Jasper Crystals are to absorb negative energy and the Rose Quartz restores faith and provides reassurance. As crazy as it might sound, it works... It was created as a “nod towards ancient traditions of spiritual bathing in which body and mind are nourished in equal measure,” and the fragrant powder is made of organic Buttermilk, renowned for its moisturising properties and rich in lactic acid, helping to soften and brighten the skin. Also in there are magical ingredients like Mysore Sandalwood powder, protective Frankincense resin hand ground to a finest dust, sacred Himalayan Cedarwood and organic Rose powder, a mineral infusion of pink clay to skin soothe and soften-a dusting of powdered jasper to protect and promote security. Last up, there’s heart comforting Rose Quartz, delicately infused with an uplifting blend of wild rose, tangerine, geranium and honeysuckle. TOO gorgeous for words.
You can find out more and grab a jar of your own via Clemency’s website, which you’ll find here


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