Beauty discovery: Bodyism BodyBrilliance goodness

I’ve been following the work of trainer and general exercise guru-type guy James Duigan for a few years now, and absolutely love his philosophy about creating “a long, lean, healthy body” as opposed to a taut, stressed and underfed one. I see too many women around my age training too hard and hitting the pavements every day, which usually results in the dreaded “Runner’s Face” that looks as strained and overworked as their poor bods!
James calls his modus operandi the “Bodyism” system, and says that a great body can be achieved “by building health through our customised nutritional protocols and exercise programs”, which can be further helped along with their bespoke range of supplements and health drinks. I already follow his "Clean and Lean" diet program and the idea of having an added boost in the form of supplements is right up my alley.
The integrative approach inspired James and his business partner Dalton Wong to create the ultimate in body health supplements, which are specifically designed to strip fat, enhance health, increase performance and promote all-over well- being. Each supplement in the range is the result of years of intensive research based on cutting-edge nutritional science, and the end result should be a glow - and a bod – akin to James’ Brazilian-Australian wife Christiane (pictured) or that of his clients Elle Macpherson and Rosie Huntington-Whitely, to name but two!
I’ve just started on a journey with the BodyBrilliance supplement, which is a mega powerful blend of protein, antioxidants and fat burning elements that has been specifically designed to detoxify your body and spark the fat-burning process for the day.
The ingredient breakdown includes a phyto-antioxidant blend of minerals, super-greens, herbal adaptogens, fruit and vegetable concentrates that are combined with pre & probiotics supporting detoxifying, circulatory, immune, digestive, anti-inflammatory and energy metabolizing. It starts working the minute you take it, reduces cravings and it tastes good too! I’ve been throwing two rounded teaspoons in my morning smoothie and so far, so good. Combined with exercise of all kinds (apart from running, natch) and a pretty healthy daily intake of yummy food and I’m hoping for great things – watch this space!


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