Why you need: an Osmosis Medi facial

New season often means new skincare for me, even if it’s just a few products added or changed out here and there – it needn’t be a big expensive overhaul, just a careful re-think. I’ve recently started using a serum called Mend from the Osmosis line, which I picked up last week on the recommendation of Nora at Lucy & The Powder Room at The Department Store.
Osmosis has a different focus than most skincare lines, and creator Dr. Johnson (of Cosmedix fame) believes in building a “partnership with the skin”. This partnership includes utilizing ingredients that the skin recognizes, maintaining the epidermal barrier while focusing most of the attention on the dermis, virtually eliminating inflammation during repair and feeding the skin through increasing blood flow. The combination of these strategies and the ability of the products to penetrate the skin without harming it make this line one of the best in the world at restoring skin health and restoring its youthful verve.
Most skin care goes only about 5 per cent into the deeper layers of the skin, where signs of aging originate. Osmosis' liposomes are proven to increase penetration by 1000 per cent (yep, that’s one THOUSAND times more) as well as protect against sun damage and environmental toxins. Rather than the traumatic exfoliation common to many high performance skincare ranges, Osmosis stimulates and feeds the skin from the bottom up to “restore a more youthful appearance” by naturally nourishing and stimulating the skin. And like everything else you’ll find at Lucy & The Powder Room and The Marr Lab downstairs, Osmosis products are all natural with no artificial colours, preservatives, fragrances or other artificial irritants, no sodium lauryl sulfate or propylene glycol. They are simply plant-based and are not tested on animals.
To kick off my new Osmosis regime I had an hour long Osmosis Medi facial, once again at the truly wonderful hands of Nora. Customized according to your skin’s own particular needs, it works to replenish the nutrients that repair and protect the skin by increasing delivery of antioxidants, lipids, proteins, enzymes, growth factors and more. Essentially, it helps to restore an ample supply of potent antioxidants and immune boosters by delivering them to the deep layers where they are needed. It also repairs the epidermal barrier, which increases hydration as well as reducing aging and skin cancer risk.
My own particular Medi facial included elements like whey and hylauronic acid, but my favourite part was the antioxidant rich berry mask, which was made up of the likes of strawberries, blueberries and blackberries in one delicious formula. Osmosis treatments are all super natural so smell very “real”, and this summery hit of berry was to die for. For a corrective-type facial it was all too relaxing as well, so I left with a boost to both the skin and the mind. Nora also spotted some dehydration happening in my skin (possibly post-travel) so I took home some Osmosis Immerse – a yummy lipid-y addition to any skincare regime – which I’ll be adding to my morning and evening application of Mend. Next on my shopping list is Catalyst – one of the pricier numbers in the range, so sending my request to Santa right now! – a super serum that is supposed to be the Osmosis star product according to Dr. Johnson.
If you’re looking to invest in seriously great skin I recommend a trip to meet the Osmosis range now – I am seriously impressed.


  1. Ohhhh. This sounds amazing. I must look it up!

  2. Such a great facial... they do a Vitamin A infusion as well, but you need to build up to two weeks on the products in advance or your skin gets major flakiness. Amazing stuff : )


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