Daily delight: crushing on NARS' Palladium

Once shunned, blue eye shadow is making a comeback. And don’t fight it! Tom Pecheux - who can make anything sexy – has been predicting blue’s renaissance for some time. Those sapphire-smoked eyes at Derek Lam’s fall 2010 runway show were courtesy of Pecheux’s Blue Dahlia palette, part of his first colour collection for Lauder. Pulling off the look, however, isn’t that simple. Darker skin tones tend to look best with gold-flecked hues, whilst paler complexions make a perfect canvas for cooler colours and pastels. At Balenciaga’s spring 2010 show, makeup artist Pat McGrath dabbed electric blue in the inner corners of models’ eyes, whilst Kate Bosworth revisited her role in Blue Crush when she sported elongated teal streaks on her lids. Pecheux prefers to concentrate the colour in the centre of the lid for a “flash of brightness” when you blink. For a brand-new, ultra wearable blue hue, I’ve fallen in love with NARS’ Soft-Touch Shadow Pencil in Palladium. The subtly sparkling turquoise colour's perfect for updating your make up look for spring and summer, and it comes in an easy-glide formula that works as a shadow and a liner and is very long wearing. It has a deliciously creamy texture that delivers a smooth, velvety feel to the eye and make for easy blending, and it’s also and an ideal base for layering with a powder shadow for increased colour intensity. Available now from Mecca Cosmetica, this is one little number that will happily make itself at home in your make up bag, and stay there for quite some time.


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