Oh desperation! In want of A.P.C's newest fragrance, Sustain.

This is precisely the kind of product that makes me curse New Zealand’s splendid isolation – look at that bottle design! Sustain is the new perfume from the A.P.C. brand, and all reports I’ve heard are that it is as beautiful and unique as it looks. They took inspiration from a Ray Davies's song, 'Waterloo Sunset', and the scent is composed of 12 essences, like the 12 guitar chords used to play the song.

The wooden bottle is the numeric reproduction of the song based on the concept of the pedals used to prolong song chords, whilst the wood is there to symbolise the wood of a guitar.

For now, they've created only 300 bottles all over the world, so I very much doubt any of them will make it Down Under.

Jean Touitou, founder of the brand, was reportedly captivated by the scent, created by Haley Alexander Van Oosten, and I’m more than obssessed by getting a sniff myself.


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