Daily delight: Rationale Preparatory Cleanser

Today I have fallen in love with Rationale’s Preparatory Cleanser, which uses a gentle, non-irritant solvent formula to soothe and calm the skin whilst it cleanses and moisturises. We all know that detergent-based (foaming) cleansers can strip the skin of intercellular lipids and natural moistursing factors, but often the alternative won’t get rid of most make up. Well this puppy does, and even has the the luxurious feel of a creamy cleanser but is actually oil-free. For dry skin apply to a wet face and leave on for a few minutes to soften and moisturise, before using a tissue or sponge to remove (this leaves a moisturising layer on the surface). For normal to oily skin do all of the above but rinse off with lukewarm water. Genius.


  1. If you have sensitive skin or would like to avoid a rash or irritation you should use only natural and organic products. Merit VCO virgin coconut oil is one of the most stimulating and uplifting oil for sensitive skin and can be classified as top or top grade skin oil.

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